Dozens of insurance companies now available through Honcho

Dozens of insurance companies now available through Honcho

With close to 70 insurance companies available via Honcho, we’ve got access to a wide and deep pool of providers to help you get the protection that is right for you.

Like most financial services sectors, the world of insurance is full of industry terms that aren’t always that clear to end consumers. Insurance companies come in a variety of guises, and here at Honcho we’re across them all.

Insurance companies typically fall into three main types: MGAs, insurers and brokers:

  • MGA - an insurance provider who has dedicated and delegated underwriting capacity from a small number of insurers
  • Insurer - the ultimate underwriters of insurance policies that consumers buy
  • Broker - insurance providers that sell insurance policies from 1 or more insurers, which enables them to offer various different products to different parts of the market

Read all about what each of these means - plus see the full list of the insurance companies available through Honcho - here.

Fear not if this isn’t totally clear…

What you need to know is that here at Honcho we’ve already got approaching 70 brokers, MGAs and insurers serving drivers across our car and van insurance marketplaces, so you can be sure that you’ll find the protection that is right for you from across our extensive network of providers.

And that’s not all!

We’re adding new providers all of the time to further make sure that every sector of the market is covered. So, whether you’re an 18 year old newly-qualified car driver, a 40 year old van driver with points on your licence, or a 60 year old supercar driver, we’ve got insurance companies available via Honcho that can meet your needs. Get prices for your car or van insurance now!

See the full list of insurance companies that you’ll find on Honcho here.