Get rewards for introducing friends to Honcho

Get rewards for introducing friends to Honcho

Honcho customers can now benefit when they refer their friends & family to Honcho.

This week we’ve launched our first ever referral scheme, where our customers are rewarded with free Amazon vouchers when people they’ve introduced to Honcho go on to buy their car or van insurance with us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Request your unique Honcho sharing link
  • Give this to your friends & family to sign up to Honcho
  • When people you’ve referred to us go on to buy insurance through Honcho, we reward you with an Amazon voucher to say thank you.

And that’s it! Its nice and simple, and there’s no limit to how many referral vouchers you can earn.

Of course, terms & conditions apply, and you can read these all here. In short, though, the person you refer must be brand new to Honcho, they must use the link you send them to sign up, and the insurance that they buy must still be in place (i.e. not cancelled) 14 days from its start date.

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