Wow! What a first week!

Wow! What a first week!

Well, what a first week it has been! Since we launched honcho on August 27th it has been a fast and furious ride…. read on for some of our week 1 headlines.

The all-important numbers

We always hoped that we’d reach a decent volume of people early doors, however as of the time of writing, some 6 days in, we’re already way ahead of where we expected to be, having seen the honcho apps downloaded and registered by 2,600 new users. We’re delighted that so many people have already been motivated to get involved in our insurance revolution - huge thanks to everyone!

Read all about it!

Week 1 has seen a stack of great press coverage of honcho. The mainstream media has been super-positive about us, with great coverage in the Mirror, Mail, Express, This is Money and i.

Meanwhile the insurance trade press have extensively featured honcho, too, with stories across Insurance Times, Insurance Post, Insurance Age, Fintech Finance and Motoring Research amongst others.

Plus we’ve had further coverage from a number of overseas publications intrigued as to what we’re doing, including Coverager who liked our DSC-inspired launch ad, as well as many other UK publications including Prolific North and BDaily.

We also had an interesting review from the Money to the Masses website. In an overall positive piece, the reviewer comments that honcho “… is an interesting concept and could work with time.” The reviewer has a valid point. This is just 1 week one of the honcho live journey. Like most startups we have a tiny team, furiously paddling away around the clock to build tech, fix stuff, recruit insurers onto our platform, integrating ours and insurers’ platforms together, etc etc….. this is very much just the start of our journey and we have a lot more to come…

Bug hunting

Adding a stack of new customers has identified three new bugs that we hadn’t previously seen. These relate to sporadic crashes of our Android app, car detail data (such as the number of seats) coming back from our data providers sometimes being incomplete, and also periodic failure of our ‘deactivate account’ feature. Kudos to everyone for reporting these things into us - they are all now being fixed.

Shiny happy people

Dozens of our new customers have written some great reviews of honcho across App Store, Play Store and Trust Pilot. Some of our favourites include “About time the power was back in our hands!” “Quote £200 better than existing. Great process and easy app,” and “Great app, easy to use.” Thanks guys!

You can’t please everyone…

However… we’ve been braced for negativity, too. Some of our early customers really haven’t liked what they’ve seen, with comments such as “Useless,” “Rubbish,” and “Waste of Time.” To the point.

In most cases it looks like these users either found a bug, or didn’t get competitive prices back, which is disappointing. However, they say feedback is a gift and of course we want to hear what everyone thinks of honcho, but the reality for any tech startup is that not everything will be perfect or fully complete on day one. We’re adding a load more insurance providers onto our platform over the coming weeks to bring more cover to more demographic groups, as well fixing issues as they come up and so on. Hopefully those folks who’ve not been impressed so far will give honcho another shot some day.

… and so into week two

Our second week sees us start our first major social marketing campaign, specifically targeting young drivers, and led for us by our friends over at Social Chain. Exciting times!

Thanks to everyone for their week 1 vibes!