What is the best first car?

What is the best first car?

What is the best first car available right now? By ranking 12 of the most popular first cars in five different categories we will attempt to (kind-of!) scientifically answer this question using our honch-o-meter!

We’ve taken a look at the following cars for new and young drivers looking for their first set of wheels: Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta, Ford Ka+, Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto, Toyota Aygo, Renault Clio, Citroen C1, Vauxhall Corsa, VW Up!, VW Polo and Mini One - lots of choice there!

The five categories which we will use to choose our winner from are price, insurance group, overall character, tech and cost to run. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


This needs no explanation; the cheaper the better! The prices shown are the cost to buy each of the baseline models brand-new at the time of writing. Alternatively for a cheaper alternative have a look at the used car market or take a look at driver1.

Comparison   Price NP (70)

Winner: Hyundai i10

Insurance Group

Insurance cost is a deal-breaker for new drivers, with the average premium for 17-22 year olds already over £1,300 a year! For the best chance at getting the cheapest insurance go for the lowest possible insurance group and use the honcho app to have insurers fight against each other to drive down your premium!

App store play store combo 300

Price Comparison   Insurance Group (70)

Winner: VW Polo

honcho factor

The honcho factor defines how honcho the car is – in other words how quirky, modern and agile it is! No one wants a boring first car.. Fear not, there are plenty of quirky first cars dripping in character – none more so than the Mini! Note these rankings are highly subjective!

Comparison   Overall 1(70)

Winner: Mini One


What’s a great looking car without some cool onboard tech.. Luckily each of the top four cars in the rankings below now come as standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirror Link, meaning you can access your phone’s music, maps and other apps straight through your dashboard!

Comparison   Tech 1 (70)

Winner: VW Polo

Cost to run

Unlike what your mates think, your car unfortunately doesn’t run on magic dust, but which of the twelve cars is the cheapest to do laps of the McDonalds drive through in?


Winner: VW Up!

Let’s get the honch-o-meter out!

So which of the twelve cars comes out on top? Using algorithms beyond our imagination (the intern) the honch-o-meter has come up with an ‘o’-score out of 5 for each of the cars using the selected five categories!

So, what is the best overall first car according to honcho?

Comparison   Overall 1 (70)


From the five categories we’ve judged on, the Polo comes out on top. Despite not being the cheapest option it’s in insurance group 1, has a high honcho factor ranking and has plenty of cool onboard tech. Oh, and its cheapness to run has placed it above the rest!

Download the honcho app now and #PlayHardToGet in getting insured for your car.