Future positions at honcho

Ever fancied joining a fast-growing fintech startup, but just haven’t seen the right job spec for you? Well, you might just be in luck.

Here at honcho, we’re starting to plan our next round of recruitment which should kick off after Christmas. We’ve not written all of the job specs yet though - the small matter of launching and growing our business keeps getting in the way!

But that got us thinking. Over a classic game of PS1 Crash Bandicoot one lunchtime, someone suggested that we quietly start to keep an eye out for good, talented people now, so that anyone with the kind of skills that we expect to be after could get in touch and let us know what they could bring to honcho.

So here we are!

Whilst we aren’t ready to go yet, we’d love to hear from you if you think you’ve got what it takes to embrace startup life and to help us on our growth journey as we shake up the UK insurance distribution market.

Do you have any of these skills?:

  • Product management
  • Front-end development, including iOS and Android
  • Back-end development, including cloud & infrastructure
  • Testing
  • Marketing expertise including planning, strategy, creative direction and execution across multiple channels

If so, why not drop your CV over to careers@honchomarkets.com and let us know a bit more about yourself. As we say here in the north east, ‘shy bairns get nowt’, so what have you got to lose?!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Team honcho

PS - agencies, recruiters, those who want us to pay a special discounted price for a bunch of CVs and any other such variants on the theme, we don’t need to hear from you right now, thanks, so please don’t send any unsolicited CVs.