honcho rewards is coming!

honcho rewards is coming!

Chief marketing honcho Graeme reports on a new service coming to honcho customers very soon:

Today I’ve got news of a new honcho service coming soon that we think you’re going to like. We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with innovative retail tech business Redu, as we prepare to launch a brand-new rewards platform for honcho customers.

Welcome to honcho rewards.

Available to everyone who uses honcho to get bids for their insurance, honcho rewards is an Android and iOS app which offers plain-and-simple percentage savings on purchases made at over 100 major high street and online brands including Adidas, Asos, John Lewis, Tesco and TK Maxx.

We’re currently going through the final stages of testing the apps and we can’t wait to unleash the honcho rewards savings potential for all of our customers.

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The thing that really excites us about our new service is that it offers discounts at retailers that people regularly go to, so consumers using honcho rewards could potentially save a lot of money over the course of a year.

As an example, honcho customers shopping at Waitrose can save 4% on their purchases by using honcho rewards.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the average British family spends £60.60 per week on their food shopping, so £3,151 per year.

A shopper spending this in Waitrose with their honcho rewards app could save a whopping £126 per year just by using our app in store!

Everyone loves saving money, and when its made nice and simple, and available at retailers that you’re already using, it makes no sense not to use it!

What’s more, one year’s access to honcho rewards is offered free of charge to all honcho customers who use honcho to get bids for their insurance.

Redu, like ourselves, are a County Durham-based business and the innovative work they are doing in the retail space mirrors the innovative work we are doing in financial services. There’s a lot of affinity between the transparency and fairness that we’re bringing into the insurance market and what Redu are bringing to the retail market; we are very excited about the potential that honcho rewards has for our customers.

honcho rewards will be available soon: join our mailing list to be kept updated of the launch! https://gethoncho.com/update-me/

Thanks to Anthony Boyd for the very cool iPhone graphics template