honcho equity raise: target passed, now overfunding

honcho equity raise: target passed, now overfunding

Another major milestone in the honcho journey was passed today as we smashed through our £700,000 target in our equity crowd raise on Crowdcube.

Since launching the crowd campaign just before Christmas we’ve been bowled over by the amount of support that we’ve had from investors both big and small. Whether investing less than one hundred pounds or significant thousands of pounds, investors across the UK, and extending overseas to countries including Germany, Italy and Malaysia, have been taking the chance to own a part of honcho.

So what happens now? Here’s our CEO, Gavin:

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way for businesses to raise investment and there have been some huge success stories, such as Monzo Bank and Brew Dog, where members of the public have been able to get involved in investing in really exciting new businesses via crowdfuding. We’re delighted that for a second time crowd investors have backed our business, getting behind our mission to bring much-needed trust, transparency and fairness to the insurance industry.

It’s been an amazing journey already and today we’ve burst through our £700,000 funding target, but we aren’t stopping yet!

Our equity crowd raise is now “overfunding”, which means that there is still time for investors to own a part of honcho. We’re really excited about the future of our business, and with over 350 investors already involved in this round, the time is now for other potential investors to consider honcho.

Prospective investors can find out more about investing in honcho by visiting crowdcube.com/honcho.

Important note: Capital at Risk

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.