Tech Nation

Tech Nation

Back in September 2019 we shared the news that we’d been selected to take part in this year’s Tech Nation Fintech Programme. You can read more about that here.

After many months of workshops, forums, discussions and a whole lot more besides, we’ve emerged from our Tech Nation programme experience with an incredible amount of new knowledge, insight and - importantly - many fantastic new industry friends.

Making it onto the programme was a huge achievement and we, along with our colleagues from another 22 fintechs including ANNA, Kani, Paid and tickr, kicked everything off with a weekend event in the Cotswolds. Sharing stories of funding journeys, the challenges of building a startup, and bringing all of our fantastic ideas to life certainly showed that we’d all been on very similar - and familiar - journeys.

As the programme progressed we spent a long time learning about all aspects of growing fintech startup businesses with guests from all kinds of organisations. From advice on the regulatory side of things to in-depth discussions about funding and scaling, we’ve had access to insight from business leaders that would simply otherwise have been out of reach.

Highlights of the programme included hearing about the journeys of more established fintechs direct from their founders with enormous openness and honesty, as well as hearing direct from different VCs about how they select and build their portfolios, learning how to structure effective boards and other super-valuable insights.

During the programme our combined cohort made enormous progress. To take a few numbers, as a cohort we:

  • increased our revenues by 200%
  • increased our overall funding by 40%
  • grew our team sizes by 20%

Just looking at our own growth journey over the period of the programme, we’ve grown our team by 80%, raised an additional £1.2m, and more than doubled the number of insurance providers on our car insurance marketplace. No mean feat!

TN wave min

So as we wave goodbye to our Tech Nation experience - ending as it did with a ‘virtual cohort dinner’ over Zoom! - we’re now excited to be joining the ranks of Tech Nation alumni, alongside some pretty impressive former graduates including Monzo, Revolut, gohenry, Carwow, Atom Bank, Soldo and a big list of other fantastic businesses. We’ve made incredible new connections and already collaboration, sharing and support is happening between members of our cohort as we each focus on growing our own fintech businesses, challenging the status quo, and delivering fresh, innovative solutions for consumers of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to everyone in Tech Nation and all of our new-found friends for making the programme so enjoyable.