Updated Honcho apps released this week

Updated Honcho apps released this week

New web app joins new Android app releases this week

Updated 27th July

Following the release of our brand-new Android app and web app last week, today it is the time for our iOS users to get their new Honcho experience. In line with last week’s releases there are a stack of UX changes, improvements and tweaks, plus back-end work in readiness to support our van insurance launch.

With all 3 platforms now completed, we are particularly excited to bring our ‘scan your licence’ feature to everyone, using a pretty neat combo of desktop browser and smartphone for our web users. Give it a go!


We’ve packed a ton of new stuff into these releases, including a load of behind-the-scenes updates plus new and refreshed design, user flow and functionality and - very excitingly - preparation to launch our van insurance marketplace in the coming weeks.

Here’s some of the features of our new apps:

  • A brand new date selector, just for our Android users. We heard you, the old, default Android one was pretty awful.
  • The ability to edit and remove cars and drivers. No longer got a car in your garage? Ditch it!
  • The ability to edit vehicle details. You told us that you wanted to have the ability to edit a car’s value - voila!
  • A new way to add named drivers. Why should the primary driver be the only one to be able to scan their licence? Not any more!
  • New tool tips throughout.
  • The ability to search for newly registered cars. This fixes a thorny one, whereby DVLA data for brand-new cars has a lag before it appears in Honcho. No longer!
  • Added notification of tax and MOT due dates. For users who’ve enabled push notifications, we’ll keep you updated on the boring but critical stuff.
  • Added sign-in with Google

We’ve also added a huge amount of optimisations and changes behind the scenes to help deliver better app performance and to pave the way for future app releases. The biggest one of these will be our brand-new van marketplace, coming very soon.

For iOS and web users, in addition to all of the above, there’s a couple of other changes too:

  • For iOS users, we’ve added the ability to sign-in with your Apple account
  • For web users, we’ve added a nifty new ‘scan your licence’ feature.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us to test all of these new features - get downloading and let us know what you think!