Honcho van insurance marketplace launched

Honcho van insurance marketplace launched

Today is another huge step on the Honcho journey as we launch our second reverse auction marketplace, bringing van insurance to Honcho.

We’re really excited to bring Honcho to van drivers, helping them to find the insurance cover that is right for them, and pitting our van insurance providers against each other to provde the right cover at the best possible price

Read our press release about the launch of Honcho for van insurance below:

Press Release

Durham-based fintech disruptor Honcho have today launched their van insurance reverse auction marketplace across the Honcho iPhone and Android, and via the Honcho website, gethoncho.com.

Having launched their car insurance marketplace at the end of August 2019, van insurance becomes the second motor insurance product to join Honcho, bringing the startup’s unique reverse auction concept to millions of van drivers across the UK.

Commenting on the launch of van insurance on Honcho, CEO Gavin Sewell said:

The events of 2020 have brought an even greater focus onto how critical vans are to all of our lives and now, more than ever, van owners need a better deal. Whether they are delivering our shopping or transporting tradesmen and their tools to keep our homes and businesses moving, vans are critical to us all.

Van drivers all have different needs when it comes to insurance – for example, some need cover for the tools in their van and for others, their business stops if they’re without their van and so they choose courtesy van cover. With Honcho, van owners can choose the insurance specifics that match their individual needs, then we broadcast that out to our marketplace of insurance providers.

Our van insurers get to see what each other are offering the consumer and can sharpen their offer with ever-lower prices over 3 rounds of bidding in just 30 seconds to try to win the van owner’s business with the exact cover that they’ve asked for. And without the hefty commission that old-fashioned price comparison sites hide away, Honcho is better value for everyone.

Honcho’s van insurance marketplace has launched with some of the sector’s leading van insurers and brokers on their platform, including:

  • Quoteline Direct
  • Freedom Brokers
  • City Insurance
  • Sterling
  • Nova Direct
  • Van Line Direct
  • Principal Insurance
  • Motor Vision
  • Performance Direct
  • Grove & Dean

Several more van insurance providers, including Vanarama, Van Quote Direct and Computer Quote, will also join Honcho in the following two weeks.

In addition to these providers Honcho also now has 25 car insurance providers on their platform, offering products to cover all segments of the car driving population from brand-new drivers to those with points on their licence, with options including pay-per-mile cover and black box devices. As finalists in the Insurance Choice Awards 2020 and Fintech Disruptors 2020, Honcho are already establishing themselves as the smart insurance alternative for switched-on drivers.

The Honcho app is available to download now for Apple and Android phones via the App Store and Play Store and is available via a web browser at gethoncho.com.

Click here to download the Honcho app.

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