Introducing BlinkID: supporting licence scanning across the Honcho apps

Introducing BlinkID: supporting licence scanning across the Honcho apps

Microblink - a leading provider of real time intelligent data extraction services - has published a new case study about how Honcho uses their tech as a core part of our products.

If you’ve used any of our apps then you’ll be familiar with the driving licence scan that we ask customers to do right at the start of our signup journey. The software provider behind these services is Microblink, and they have just published a case study about how we use their BlinkID product across the Honcho native and web apps to help streamline our user journey and ensure data quality.

Honcho: not just another boring PCW

One of the ways that we differentiate ourselves from traditional price comparison sites is to ensure that the data that we pass to our insurers about a “risk” - industry-speak for the combined set of data about an individual, their circumstances and the vehicle that they want to insure - is of an exceptionally high quality, such that the offers that they make to our customers are based on accurate information. Our driving licence scan feature is a core part of this.

When we ask you to scan your licence, what we’re actually doing is using this as a way of accurately capturing your driving licence details, your driving licence being one of the most important unique bits of your data that is used to verify your identity and thus produce accurate quotes.

No picture of your driving licence is stored

Neither us nor Microblink retains any image of your scanned licence - it is purely a data entry mechanism, but a critically important one in ensuring that we’re always as accurate as possible with the offers our insurance providers make to you.

In the case of most PCWs, anyone can go onto their services and make up some customer details and get “quotes” for any car they fancy however, as appealing as this sounds, it is all somewhat meaningless when you understand how insurers rate a risk - more industry-speak meaning how they determine the price they are going to offer. Made up details, or even simple inaccuracies in your own details, can make a massive difference to the prices that you see.

Data accuracy is critically important

Honcho is different, and we specifically ask our customers to register an account to ensure that we are passing data that is as accurate as possible to our marketplace of insurance providers. Insurers love accurate data as it enables them to produce prices and product offers that are actually based on reality!

BlinkID is a critical part of this process, and we’re delighted to have had it within our native apps since launch.

You can read more about how we use BlinkID in Microblink’s Honcho case study here.