Honcho announces new partnership with Get My Slice

Honcho announces new partnership with Get My Slice

In our latest exciting partnership news we’re delighted to welcome customers of Get My Slice to the Honcho family.

Get My Slice is an innovative new rewards app where consumers are rewarded for completing a brand offer, and Honcho are the first automotive insurance brand to join the growing app.

Founded by digital entrepreneur Ollie Southgate, Get My Slice has an intriguing difference from the dozens of identikit voucher and discount sites that have sprung up over recent years. It has been designed to help people extract value from their own digital footprints in a secure and anonymous way by offering consumers rewards for shopping with brands whose services they are already in market for.

Get My Slice customers link their Facebook and/or Google profiles to the app, which means that things they are searching for online are known to Get My Slice, and can be used to present them with relevant products or services that they can be rewarded from when they go on to buy.

For example, a Get My Slice customer who has been searching Google for car insurance would be prompted by the Get My Slice app to click over to Honcho to get their car insurance and, when they go on to buy their insurance with us, we’re able to pass a reward back to the customer via the Get My Slice app.

From our perspective this is a neat way to use our marketing budget to reward customers who buy with us, rather than the speculative approach usually seen in digital marketing where you pay for a click on your advert whether someone goes on to buy or not. “Pay per click” advertising like this can be prohibitively expensive for brands, in particular where you’re competing with the mega-budgets of the traditional providers, and so being able to reward consumers who are in market for car or van insurance, rather than hoping that enough consumers who click your ads will convert to make it cost-effective, makes total sense to us.

Speaking about the partnership, Ollie Southgate from Get My Slice said:

Companies have been making money from user’s data for years, giving nothing back. When developing Get My Slice, we wanted to make the consumer’s data valuable, by turning it into something brands wants to buy, which is an outcome or purchase.

Get My Slice enables this transaction and give the consumer 80% commission when the consumer completes an offer, it’s that simple.

Find out more about Get My Slice here.