What is honcho?

Imagine if finding a fairer deal on your car insurance didn’t feel like trying to pass a maths test with a sore head. What if the experience was as stress-free as an Icelandic spa? With honcho it can be. We’re not a price comparison site, but we are the first-ever reverse auction for car insurance. Our system works by inviting insurance companies to bid against one another for your custom. For just £1 a bid, insurers can go head to head to give you their best price meaning you can #PlayHardToGet, Mind. Blown! This means any savings fall on your side – no hidden charges, no commission and honesty about how we make money. We’re also free for consumers to use and here whenever you need us, on your mobile or desktop.

How does honcho make money?

It’s simple. We charge insurers £1 to bid for your business, so if seven insurers bid to offer you a policy we earn £7 in that bid cycle. An insurer will be charged for bidding whether they are successful or not. The bid cycle is 28 days, during which insurers won’t be charged another £1 if they are given the opportunity to re-bid for your insurance. If a new bid cycle starts and the insurer submits a bid, we will charge them another £1.

Is honcho truly independent?

Yes, honcho is completely independent. We’re not owned by any insurance company(s) or a Price Comparison Website, which means we fight hard for your rights. We exist to get you a fairer and better deal.

Do you only offer car insurance?

For now yes, but we will be launching additional products and services, such as house insurance and travel insurance, soon. We’d love to keep you updated on our progress, but only with your permission. Alternatively be sure to keep checking back to avoid missing out.

Aren’t you just a Price Comparison Website in disguise?

There’re no hoops, loopholes or operas with honcho. Here’s a few reasons why we’re different.

  • We’re an independent marketplace, where insurers bid and rebid against one another.
  • We put you in control instead of bamboozling you with a million and one options.
  • There’s no hidden commission with us. Insurers submit £1 for every bid they submit.
  • We also free for end consumers to use. We won’t tempt you with hidden charges for 2for1 cinema tickets or cuddly toys.
  • We’re transparent about the honcho process and have even laid it out below.
  • Being independently owned, unlike some price comparison websites, we can and do give you a truer reflection of the marketplace and prices.
  • We help you to find a great quote… anytime and anywhere through your mobile.

Does honcho guarantee the lowest price for my insurance?

No, we can’t guarantee the lowest price for a particular policy, you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. However, because insurers will be bidding against each other to win your business, and we don’t charge them expensive commissions…the result should be the lowest price for your insurance.

Does honcho cover the whole of the market?

Not all insurer and brokers are on honcho. We only partner with insurers who want to compete against their rivals to offer the best price, and who share our passion to offer an open, transparent and fair service to consumers.

Which insurance brands are available through honcho?

We’re working with many insurers and brokers – when we launch you’ll be able to see an up to date list of brands on the homepage of our website. We are always looking to talk with new insurers and brokers that want to offer their products through honcho too!
If you’re and insurer or broker and interested in joining the honcho platform please go to the I’m an interested insurer or broker part of our website.