What is honcho?

Imagine if finding a fairer deal on your car insurance didn’t feel like trying to pass a maths test with a sore head. What if the experience was as stress-free as an Icelandic spa?

With honcho it can be! We’re not a price comparison site; we are the first ever reverse auction marketplace for car insurance.

honcho works by inviting insurance providers to bid against one another for your custom. For just £1 a bid, insurance providers can go head to head to give you their best price meaning you can #PlayHardToGet: Mind. Blown! This means any savings fall on your side – no hidden charges, no commission and honesty about how we make money. We’re free for consumers to use and here whenever you need us, on your mobile or desktop.

What's a 'reverse auction'?

No, a reverse auction isn’t a room full of people talking backwards, but where the roles of buyer and seller are flipped. We invite insurers to bid against each other to win you over. Reversing the process puts you first and means the cost of your insurance often goes down as your bids go up.

Some of my bids are more expensive than Price Comparison Websites, why?

As we’ve just launched we have a small set of insurance providers who are most competitive for 17-25 year old people. Please bear with us because, in the coming weeks, we’ve many more providers who will go live and help us to not only better serve customers outside of this age range, but also help to make our marketplace more competitive when compared to other sites that you might use to buy your insurance!