We love our customers, and here’s some of the fab things they’ve said about us.

Grant Dickson from Grassford in Scotland told us about his first experience of Honcho:

I first learned of Honcho from a friend who recommended I try it out as the concept sounded new and different.  At the time, my insurance wasn’t up for renewal but all the same, I tried it out and was frankly shocked at how low some offers were compared to my current full comprehensive cover with a large insurance provider. Fast forward to just a few days ago, I realised my insurance was up for automatic renewal within 48 hours. 

I remembered I had signed up for Honcho when I logged in started a new bid / quote, again I was shocked to see offers so much cheaper than what I was about to renew for. I selected the cheapest and read what it covered and again, surprised to see that it covered so much more than what I already had but was paying close to double. 

Overall, I love the concept but at the end of the day, the proof is that the concept works. Genuine value from a new approach to finding insurers. The concept is executed really well with the Android app and easy enough for someone like me who knows next to nothing about insurance to find great deals compared to the bigger, well-known comparison websites I had used before to get the terrible plan I had before – terrible only in contrast to what I’ve got now! 

Cheers Grant!

Robert Lovell from Southampton told us how he found Honcho and that he’d recommend to his family and friends:

I first learned about honcho through our company benefit scheme, I received an email after I had clicked through and had a look. At first I thought it was just another comparison site but my insurance needed renewing and I thought what the heck let’s have a go, and I’m glad I did. It was quick and easy to understand very user friendly for us technophobe’s. I put my info in and in a matter of seconds I had a list of bidders in front of me and the cheapest one was nearly £200 cheaper than I could find on other comparison sites. I would definitely recommend my family and friends check out honcho for their insurance needs. Tom and the rest of the team are very helpful and keen to look after their customers. Thanks Tom.

Thanks Robert, we appreciate your kind words!

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